The Photocrati Team

The leading provider of WordPress themes for photographers. Photocrati is a growing digital media company helping photographers improve their web presence while leveraging our premium themes, hosting, and plugins for Wordpress, and capturing our expertise in SEO.
  • Erick Danzer

    Founder & CEO

    Erick is the man behind-the-scenes at Photocrati. The rest of the team refers to him as the band leader, but he doesn’t play any instruments. Erick is very passionate about photography, business and the web. That combination means he loves helping photographers succeed online. He is focused on ensuring Photocrati gives back to the photography community through the Photocrati Fund and other initiatives.

  • Alice

    Business Manager

    Besides taking care of behind the scenes finances, Alice is the organizer who keeps all the Photocrati Media trains/projects running on track, championing the quality of customer and vendor satisfaction in all things non-technical. From login issues, payment queries, and assisting our affiliates – to working with our photographers, Alice works as the liaison between our customers and staff, ensuring positive outcomes. When not at work, Alice enjoys reading, family times, and friends.

  • Becky Cooper

    Creative IT Generalist

    When Becky isn’t enjoying her hobby as a creative photographer or her passion for portrait painting, she’s ensuring that Photocrati’s members are well taken care of and heard on all the many social media outlets on the web. She loves to admire others creativity and learn more about their story. Becky is also busy working behind the scenes making Photocrati more beautiful and representing the voice of the Photocrati members in voting for new features for the Theme and creating new presets. Feel free to contact her anytime to share your ideas of what you’d like to see in the future of Photocrati Media.

  • Benjamin Owens


    Benjamin is more than just one of the developers at Photocrati. He is self taught with over many years of coding experience under his belt and has worked with nearly every major language and PHP web framework. Benjamin’s super hero power is his immunity to motion sickness.

  • Cais

    Lead Happiness Engineer

    Edward Caissie, aka Cais, is the customer service guru for our NextGEN Gallery and NextGEN Pro products. He is a WordPress junkie, blogger, designer, developer, and WordPress Theme Review Team admin; Guitar player; Photographer; and, Mischief manager.

  • Drew Macy

    Chief Experience Officer

    Drew is a Philly area site builder, problem solver, and soccer fanatic. At work, Drew is devoted to fixing and developing sites, furthering theme functionality, and shaping the user experience. Away from work, you can typically find him cooking, rocking out, or shouting at tiny soccer players on a giant screen – and sometimes, if you’re lucky, all three at once.

  • Elia

    Senior Software Engineer

    Elia is a self-taught C++ focused multi-language mastermind. His owl-like nocturnal coding sessions sometimes end with interesting 3D graphic generation. Not only is Elia the only European on the Photocrati team, but his brutal, unapologetic honesty often creates a lot of laughter during meetings.

  • Kate Tillery-Danzer

    Outreach & Philanthropy

    Kate heads the Photocrati Fund. Her diverse background blends journalism, video production, science, field research, and teaching. She spent a year in Indonesia working on water and sanitation issues; she was also part of a multidisciplinary research team to restore a critical wetland in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. Kate is passionate about the power of photography to engage people around the world in issues that matter.

  • Mike Weichert

    Chief Architect

    Michael is an accredited and established I.T. professional, based in Canada, with 10 years experience helping start-ups plan, design & implement their software and I.T. projects. He is passionate about technology & automating solutions, helps Photocrati achieve new heights by integrating standards, processes, & tools to create an effective agile work environment. When not working, Mike is appreciating the phenomenon of the natural world.

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Community & Blog Wrangler

    Scott is a photographer who enjoys sharing his passion for photography any way he can. He lives, eats and breathes the art and has the desire to teach the world what he can about it. He loves to travel, collect cameras, blog and really wants to photograph komodo dragons. They’re large, scary and really cool. Join Scott on his website, Twitter and Google Plus.