Quest for knowledge

I love books, all types of books, fiction, self-help, history and my favorite – photography books. I love reading about how other photographers work, their style, what equipment they’re using and how they handle difficult assignments. My recent purchase and quickly becoming a dog-eared classic is by Joe McNally and The Moment it Clicks.

The Moment It Clicks (more…)

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Ignoring the obvious

I sometimes tend to ignore the obvious, the obvious being that which the ancient Greeks referred to as Helios, the Sun. How could I be so distracted by radio slaves, studio flashes and softboxes – not to see that ball of fire 92,960,000 miles from my house. How could I completely forget what I first learned about photography and natural light? Easy, I ignored the obvious. (more…)

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The $29 solution….

If any of you are like me, you got into this business for one reason, to take photographs, to capture that special moment in time. And if you go back to the day of processing your own film and prints, you saw your photos come to life in a tray full of developer. But we are now tasked to learn a new method of image processing, the digital darkroom, and a new way to showcase our work, the internet, which brings me to my topic. (more…)

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