60+ Photography WordPress Themes in One Package

JUMP TO DEMOS | Updated October 2, 2014

Photocrati is a powerful WordPress theme built specifically for photographers and visual artists.

What do we mean by powerful?

First, it’s more a theme framework than a single theme. It has more customization options than you’ll find in any photographer-centric WordPress theme. Use the options to create your own designs. Then save, export, share, and import your designs.

Second, you get 60 WordPress themes at once. We’ve made 60+ stunning initial designs for you to choose from. You can change designs with one click without affecting your site content. Each design is like a WordPress theme in its own right. So you’re getting over 60 themes for the same price you’d pay for one theme elsewhere.

Third, you get a built-in gallery system with ecommerce. We’ve built a powerful gallery system into the theme. Display thumbnail, slideshow, filmstrip, and blogstyle galleries. And sell your images with ecommerce. You can always use your a different gallery system. But our gallery system would be a powerful WordPress plugin in its own right.

Fourth, all designs are fully responsive and mobile friendly. As of 2014, all Photocrati theme designs and galleries are fully responsive. That means they’ll look great on desktop, tablet, or phone.

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Photocrati Demos

The Photocrati theme framework allows you to choose between three layouts: side-style, one-column, or traditional. Together, they offer HUGE design flexibility! There are few – if any – WordPress themes that can produce the same diversity of looks you’ll see below. And remember you can switch between layouts with a single click, without affecting your website content.

All designs on this page are included.

Demos: Side-Style Designs
Demos: One-Column Centered Designs
Demos: Traditional Designs


Demos: Side-Style Designs

Our most popular designs are side-style layouts where the header, logo, and menu are on the left and the content is on the right. Below are some of the side-style designs available out-of-the-box with Photocrati. Many side-style designs also allow you to display full screen background slideshows on the home page.

Transparency Theme
Transparency White
Overexposed Theme
Overexposed White
Underexposed Theme
Underexposed White
Sidewinder Theme
Sidewinder Dark
Sidewinder Full
Contrast Theme
Contrast Dark
Contrast Yellow
Contrast Red
Street Side


Demos: One-Column Centered Designs

The second layout in the Photocrati theme a one-column centered design. Single column designs are popular among top wedding photographers. You can set a classic home page or show your latest blog posts as your home page. And you can choose to include a sidebar on your blog or not.

City Theme
Street Theme
Texture Theme
Texture Green
Texture Blue
Backlight Theme
Backlight Yellow
Backlight Green


Demos: Traditional Designs

The third layout is traditional. The header, logo, and menu are at the top and the content is below. You can make these designs full width, or set the content to a specific width like 960px.

Scout Theme
Bare Bulb Theme
Bare Bulb Barn Doors
Bold Theme
Obscura Theme
Print Theme
Autofocus Theme
Autofocus Blue
Autofocus Black Blue
Autofocus Black Yellow
Catchlight Theme
Catchlight Blue
Catchlight Yellow
Silver Halide 3
Lightbox Theme 2
Wideangle 3
Vignette 2
Polarized 2
10 Stop 3 Theme
Bokeh 3
Wideangle 2
Filter 2
Fstop 3
Bokeh Theme
Lightbox 3
Darkroom Theme
10 Stop Theme
Polarized 3
Bokeh 2
Rangefinder 2
Fstop Theme
10 Stop 2
Emulsion 3
Silver Halide Theme
Vignette 3
Polarized Theme
Darkroom 3
Fstop Theme
Emulsion 2
Filter 3
Silver Halide 2
Exposure 3
Widangle Theme
Signature 3
Exposure 2