Wordpress Photo Theme by Sean Crane

Sean Crane Photography

“For years I had designed my own websites in Flash. I liked the control that Flash afforded me over the look and navigation, but I didn’t like the lack of search engine optimization, the inability to display on an ipad or iphone, and the slow loading times — not to mention the difficulty of redesigns and add ons. When it came time to add a blog to my site, WordPress was the natural choice for me, but I didn’t like that the blog was separate from my main site. I started looking around at all the premium WordPress templates and eventually came across Photocrati. I realized that my blog and my photo galleries didn’t have to reside in two different places. It was possible to have a blog that worked like a photography website, with a home page and menus to access my different galleries, all while being extremely search engine friendly. I looked around at other companies that offered a similar solution, but none seemed to match Photocrati for ease of use, flexibility of customization, cleanly designed templates, price point, and other features, like built in shopping cart. I decided to give Photocrati a try and am very happy with my new site. With a few simple customizations to one of the Photocrati themes, my site has a unique look and feel and does pretty much everything that I require.”

Nicole Parente - WordPress Photography Themes

Nicola Parente l Abstract Contemporary Artist

“As a visual artist I struggled with finding the right website that would encompass everything I needed. Looking to create such a site was a daunting task until I found Photocrati. It gave me all the tools I needed to create a professional, visually stimulating, easy to update website that was able to showcase photos, video, as well as the documentation needed to share my work with the world. Photocrati gave me everything I needed plus more. Thank you Photocrati for making it so easy and for making my website look great!”

Siems Photography WordPress Themes

Tyler Siems Photographs

“I have been using Photocrati for over a year, and have been extremely impressed with the level of customization and individual customer service offered by Photocrati. I experimented with many different WordPress photography themes before settling on Photocrati. I feel that the themes are among the most sophisticated available, and consider Photocrati to be the best investment I have made in my business. Thanks Photocrati!”

Photo WordPress Themes Showcase

Bastian Bauwens

“WordPress is a powerful platform for building a website – but a professional theme is essential for photographers in order to get a professional look, an easy way to display photos in galleries and albums, and an interface for quick customization so you do not have to do all the dirty work. When I chose Photocrati last year, I evaluated many other photography WordPress themes. Photocrati turned out to be one of the best looking and definitely the one with the best value for money. You get many different themes straight out of the box, and if you want, you can go even further with customization. Even though I modified some of the core files of the themes in order to get just what I had been looking for, it took me less than 3 days to get the first version up and running. Adding content is easy, and the result looks great. Thanks, Photocrati!Easy to use — you can choose different themes. I have bought other WP themes, but Photocrati WordPress themes work best to showcase your photography.”

Photocrati WordPress Theme by Beautiful Eyes

Hans Agterdenbos l Beautiful Eyes

“Creating a presentation of your work for the world to see with a website was for me a personal thing. I did not use a creative team or designer. After a thorough investigation on the net, I found many who offered themes. By far, my choice was Photocrati in combination with Bluehost. I am a photographer of a fine art gallery conducting workshops in Africa. With no knowledge of web design, the support team assisted me almost on a daily basis to help me achieve exactly what I had in mind – from my first pencil drawings on my art block. I am happy to be a member in the Photocrati group of photographers.”

Jim Denhman Photography

Jim Denham Photography

“The Photocrati theme solved my selection problems. The design flexibility was built in and easy to use, which was great for someone who had little experience with WordPress. With the theme so easy to customize, the main framework of the site was quickly in place and allowed me to focus on content more than design. Being that the Photocrati Theme was designed for photography, it was also perfectly suited to deliver the look and feel I wanted, with beautiful galleries, single column blog pages with big bold pics and a sleek menu that is easy for visitors to navigate. Photocrati is a great value and I would recommend it to any photographer looking to start, or spruce up, a WordPress site!”

Wordpress Themes for Photographers - David Newton

David Newton l Photo Positive

“For years I tinkered around with various HTML websites that I built myself using my basic coding knowledge and a selection of gallery building plugins. But I was never totally happy with them. They were clunky and awkward and I found I didn’t update them because it took so long to do. Then I found Photocrati and it all changed. I’d been looking at WordPress as a platform for my long neglected site and Photocrati seemed to offer everything I wanted – easy to update, good gallery integration and clean styles that I could tinker with myself. I’m all-too-aware that I don’t make use of all the features that Photocrati offers, but that’s part of the joy of it – for now I have a website I’m happy with and can update regularly, that works how it should and allows my images to viewed without lots of distracting ‘details’ around them. And, what’s more, it offers the potential to grow and make use of new features as I decide I need them. As if that wasn’t enough – the guys that develop the theme really do listen to customer feedback and incorporate it where possible. You can’t ask for more than that from any company you deal with. Have I recommended it to other photographers? Yes! Will I keep recommending it? Yes! Should you give it a try? Yes!”

Photography WordPress Template - Donna Gehl

Donna Gehl l Image Studios

“Our previous website cost our company a small fortune and afterall, we weren’t happy with the look and functionality of it. Since our new Photocrati site has been up, I’ve had a number of compliments on the appearance and comments about how user friendly it is. We also have found more inquires and business opportunities with the increased SEO. Donna Gehl, President, Image Studios”

Wordpress Photography Themes

Vanessa Dewson Photography

“I was looking for a solution to combine my blog with a beautiful website that showcased my work seamlessly. Photocrati not only delivered, it was built with a photographer in mind so it has many great features like copyright protection on images, gallery management, iPad/iPhone compatibility and even e-commerce galleries. I love the clean style and how well it’s integrated with WordPress. It was easy to pick a theme and customize it to match my brand. It’s also a breeze to now update anything on my site or blog.”

AC Johnson Photocrati Testimonial

AC Johnson

“I’m extremely pleased with the Photocrati templates – I was able to recreate my former LiveBooks site at a fraction of the cost, with more functionality and better SEO performance. Alec Johnson – founder of AC Johnson Photography”

Kenneth Lim Photocrati Theme

Kenneth Lim Photography

“Easy to use — you can choose different themes. I have bought other WP themes, but Photocrati themes work best to showcase your photography.”

Ezra Shaw

Ezra Shaw Photography

“Photocrati has just the right mix of features, control, and options to quickly build a custom website. As a web developer and photographer, I want to help other photographers who might not have the time nor the skill set to build a website, yet do need to have control over content once the website is built. Photocrati is a WordPress theme that does this job well.”

Aaron WordPress Theme

Aeron Photography

“Photocrati provides you with a complete package ready to be customized easily.”


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And More Love

Scott Cressman – www.cressman.ca

“This is the best WordPress platform for photographers, period. It’s jam-packed with goodies and has enabled me to realize my vision through easy setup and customization. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Photocrati!”

Alan Medri @ Urban Haven Landscapes – www.urbanhavenlandscapes.com

“Given that I had no experience building websites whatsoever, I was looking for an easy-to-use theme for my company’s website. Though I’m a carpenter, not a photographer, I needed a theme in which I could prominently display examples of my work. The endless number of customization options, styles and support have allowed me to create what many have told me is a very professional looking website.”

Spencer Herford @ Spencer Herford Photography – www.spencerherford.com

“Thank you for making such powerful and easy to use tools for professional photographers to make their websites. I could write about a page on how much easier this makes my life….”

Dave Basset @ Bassett Studios – www.bassettstudios.com

“Love your WP site – features and functions – I had my web-guru build mine – but I can easily add and update and add content myself – love that! Many thanks for a great product!”

Chuck Haupt @ Chuck Haupt Photo – www.chuckhaupt.com

“I realized that my site needed a redesign and knew that the WordPress platform was the way to go. I had an idea of how I wanted my site to look, and Photocrati offered the best templates towards that end. Support is some of the best I have ever come across while building the site, along with its continuing upgrades, which made it a joy instead of a burden.”

Melanie Rockett @ Michael O’Shea Photography – http://vancouverportraitphotography.com

“Originally the VancouverPortraitPhotography.com site was designed and executed as a flash website, a blog component was attached to the site. Though some matching was done, the blog looked and worked differently from the rest of the site. The site was getting zero notice in the search engines so we decided to convert everything to the WordPress platform, using the Photocrati Theme. The conversion was amazingly easy and was done in two steps: We first installed Photocrati and transferred over all the blog information, the website information and the galleries. The second step was to do customizations in order to match the design of the original site. The most noticeable customization is the bottom (drop UP) menu. We are delighted with the results and at how easy the site is to maintain. The ability to protect all the photos so they cannot be right-click copied was a big factor in deciding to use Photocrati. The galleries are a dream!”

Jonah @ luxproimaging.com – www.luxproimaging.com

“After trying a number of photography website templates over the past couple of years, it has been a joy to finally settle upon the Photocrati WordPress theme. I tried the flash website templates. They look slick, but are poor for SEO and tablet viewing. Also tried the sites where one pays monthly. There are a couple of good ones out there; however, they do not offer the flexibility and of course one has to keep paying every month. If you have not tried working with a WordPress site before, try it! Give it a day or two of your time, and you will feel like a pro website developer! Thank you, Photocrati, for providing my company a template that offers a great combination of ease, aesthetics, flexibility and price.”

Mark Spome @ Mark Spomer Photography – www.markspomerphotography.com

“As a professional architectural, luxury real estate and resort photographer I’m very picky about clean and functional. My problem was I looked for months before I settled on Photocrati. Why months? I got into “paralysis by analysis” mode because I also have a background with web design and software creation, so I’m pretty critical when it comes to what’s out there. It seemed the price was too good to believe for what this theme offered so I kept bouncing back and forth… Photocrati’s WordPress theme was the ONLY theme that allowed me to present my work the way I want people to see it, and it provided a clean and simple back-end that also allowed me to change the look and feel without major headaches. This allowed me to get my site up quick and play with all the looks before I settled on what I use today. I should also mention their support is impeccable. Always get a response immediately with a solution to any issue I have, every time (even if it’s some bone-headed move I’ve done). Yes, I admit I make mistakes! If you’re bouncing around the sea of ‘Photographer WordPress Themes’ out there, I’d suggest you quit wasting time, settle in and be happy with Photocrati. You won’t regret it.”

Bill Maynard @ COOL Wildlife – http://coolwildlife.com

“I’ve been a wildlife photographer for the past ten years. When I began looking into putting together my own wildlife photography website I had zilch, zero, zippo, nil, nada knowledge of html so to say the thought of designing my own website was intimidating would be grossly understated. That all changed when I found the photography website templates from Photocrati. Their templates are menu driven and drag and drop so I didn’t need one ounce of html knowledge to get started. With 60 out of the box templates in a variety of color schemes and layouts it was actually difficult to settle on one choice, but too many choices is a good thing. Once you choose all you have to do is drop in your content, it really is that simple. I was up and running with a basic photography website day one. Worth mentioning, if you do have questions along the way they have a tremendous support team that is very responsive and knowledgeable so help is just an email away. My only regret is the three weeks of research I put into choosing Photocrati that should have been spent dropping content into my site. I have done a more detailed review of the Photoccrati offering at http://coolwildlife.com/2012/02/photocrati-makes-photography-website-design-for-photographers-a-breeze.”

John Miskelly @ John Miskelly Landscape Photography – www.johnmiskelly.co.uk

“I have been designing my own websites for the last couple of years, but could never quite get the look and feel that I really wanted. My attempts included using well known web authoring software programs and, most recently, WordPress themes. Then a friend mentioned they had come across a great set of themes by a company called Photocrati and so I checked them out. I really liked what I saw, purchased the theme and then started to design my new landscape photography website. My key objectives were to showcase my fine art landscapes of Ireland and Scotland along with the option to sell my prints through some sort of e-Commerce functionality, which very few themes offer. I also wanted to produce a regular blog. Photocrati met and far exceeded all my expectations and, when I had some technical challenges, the support team was absolutely marvellous. I would highly recommend Photocrati and I will certainly be using their themes for my other sites, when I begin to redesign them all in the coming months. Thank you guys!”

Flo Minton @ Studio InColor / Flo Minton Photography – www.studioincolor.com

“The day I found Photocrati was a very happy one for me, both as a photographer who wanted to create an online store for my work and as a web designer who works to creates site for other artists and photographers. Photocrati is the perfect theme to showcase my work and a simple, easy-to-use e-commerce solution to generate online sales. It is also easily customizable, as you will see when you visit my site! I came up with the idea to setup the theme to make it look like an art gallery. The response to this design has been overwhelmingly positive and my customers have complimented me on how easy it was to find and order what they liked! As a web designer, I also appreciate being able to deliver a stable, feature-rich and well supported product to my clients that they can easily edit and update using the powerful WordPress platform. Oh…and did I mention the their support is second to none? Fast response times, great followup and always a cheerful word! I tried many themes before finding Photocrati and I would highly recommend this theme to anyone who wants to build an easy to manage ecommerce solution built specifically with the photographer in mind!”

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