See How You’re Doing With Long Tail Keywords


On the Photographers SEO blog, we published a new article on using a Google Analystics custom report of long tail keywords in order to find new topics to write about.

While the article talks about how you can use the report for finding new topics to write about, the report has an addition benefit.

The custom report is designed to show you the highest traffic form long tail keywords.  It gives you the ability to break down the keywords to see what pages are receiving the traffic, and also what is converting (if you are using Google Analytics goal or eCommerce tracking)

So why is that useful?

Take a look at the screenshot.  You’ll notice that one of the long tail keywords converts better than others.  That means that I should should be writing more about the topic.  Cool, right?


So head over to the article on the Photographers SEO blog, read the article and download the report.

Then come back here and tell us about any interesting findings that you discovered.

Thanks for reading,


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