Canon EOS 1D Review Round-Up


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Digital Photography Review

The EOS-1D is a remarkably important and prestigious camera for Canon. Not only can it deliver beautiful images with great resolution … sharpness and balanced color but it does so from what could be the most robust and best built 35mm SLR bodies ever. The eight frames per second shooting speed is truly unbelievable and in operation the 1D never fails or hesitates. Add to all of this the fact that the camera has the most flexible set of custom and personal functions of any D-SLR … My major concern with the 1D is high ISO banding, while this isn’t apparent in well-exposed shots with most of their detail at the higher end of the grayscale it does become visible especially in darker backgrounds or underexposed shots. … if you’re the type of photographer who will find themselves consistently shooting at high ISO’s (ISO 800 or above) then you really need to go back, check our high ISO samples and decide if you can live with the banding. READ FULL REVIEW


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