Canon EOS D30 Review Round-Up


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Steve’s Digicams

The D30 is a highly durable camera constructed from polycarbonate material on the outside with a steel inner frame. It is more compact and a good deal lighter than the D1 but its burst rate is only 3fps up to a maximum of 8 frames. The D30 offers more metering options and its continuous drive mode can be used in more than just the sports mode. The D30’s battery life is better (and simpler) thanks to its one high-capacity lithium pack. Besides the smaller size and lighter weight, the D30 is making waves because it is the first high-performance SLR to use a CMOS image sensor rather than a CCD. The ISO sensitivity is variable from 100 up to 1600 and as you can imagine the images get rather grainy looking at 800 or 1600. So far the D30 has fully lived up to my expectations. READ FULL REVIEW


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