Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home Review Round-Up

crumpler-brazillion-dollar-homeIts name may be silly, but this messenger-style shoulder bag is all business. It’s big enough to squeeze a 17-inch MacBook Pro into the laptop compartment and a pro D-LSR (or two) with plenty of lenses in the main space. The interior is colored bright orange, for easy identification and retrieval of the item you’re looking for. Under the velcroed front flap are lots of tiny pockets for CF cards and batteries — one side red and one side green for keeping track. The Brazillion Dollar Home is a stylish but sensible place for your expensive gear to live. READ FULL REVIEW AT POPPHOTO

If you own or have used this Bag, let us know what you think! Leave your comments and thoughts below.

Get information and user reviews for this bag from Amazon: Crumpler THE BRAZILLION DOLLAR HOME Photo Laptop Backpack Shoulder Bag (Gun Metal/Black/Orange)


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