Gitzo Mountaineer GT2530 Tripod Review Round-Up

gitzo-gt2530-mountaineer-6x-carbon-fiber-tripod1This carbon-fiber tripod’s light 3.1-pound weight makes it extraordinarily easy to carry for a model with a maximum height of 54.3 inches — 63.4 inches with the center column fully extended. Its three-segment legs use Gitzo’s new G-Lock twist-lock system, a variation on the traditional knurled locking collar that’s said to increase the stability of the ‘pod when the legs are locked at narrower angles. The GT2530 gives you a choice of three such angles; both leg joints and twist locks are smooth and easy to operate. The rubber feet unscrew and can be replaced with other types of feet that Gitzo sells separately. That makes the tripod less versatile out of the box than a model with the familiar combination rubber-and-retracting-spike feet, but the included feet are shaped to provide good stability. The GT2530’s center column is both reversible and removable, and it has a built-in hook for adding weight to stabilize the tripod. For extreme low-angle shooting, the mounting plate can be unscrewed from the center column and attached directly to the top of the legs. Anyone who has ever struggled to unscrew a mounting plate should be grateful for the two handle-like nubs on the top of the tripod; these make it easy to grip and turn the mounting plate and its base separately. With the center column in place, the GT2530 has a minimum height of 13 inches. About $535 (with carrying bag). READ FULL REVIEW AT PopPhoto

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