Nikon D2H Review Round-Up


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Digital Photography Review

The D1H built on the strengths of the D1 and added several new features including selectable color space, one-button playback, a new LCD monitor and others. However the biggest news about the D1H was the concept that it was a camera aimed specifically at sports and photo journalists who needed high frame rates and a large buffer. The D2H has a brand new Nikon designed 4.1 million pixel ‘JFET sensor’ and is capable of capturing eight frames per second for up to 40 frames (five seconds of continuous shooting at 8 fps). … I seriously can’t imagine a digital SLR which could operate more quickly, both in terms of delays to shutter release (power up, AF, shutter release lag) and continuous shooting speed. Build quality, control layout and design are second to none. I was disappointed with Nikon’s much lauded LBCAST sensor technology. … The Nikon D2H is one of a very few cameras which feels almost perfectly ‘sorted’.   READ FULL REVIEW


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