Nikon D40X Review Round-Up

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Camera Labs

The Nikon D40x is a 10.2 Megapixel entry-level digital SLR aimed at general consumers, family users and photographic students. … The Nikon D40x is one of the more interesting DSLRs around right now because it clearly illustrates both the marketing and monetary value of a 10 Megapixel model over an otherwise identical 6 Megapixel version. By inheriting the D80’s sensor and shutter mechanism the D40x was always assured of great quality output, but the subsequent increase in cost makes you look more critically at some of the weaker aspects … For example at the D40’s low asking price, we could just about forgive its basic 3-point AF, lack of depth-of-field preview and a reliance on modern lenses for auto focusing. Unfortunately for the Nikon D40x though, it inherits all of these but is now priced virtually the same as Canon’s EOS 400D/XTi which boasts 9-point AF, anti-dust features, RAW processing software, DOF preview and compatibility with both new and old lenses. So can the D40x really compete against better-featured cameras? READ FULL REVIEW


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