Nikon D60 Review Round-Up


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The Nikon D60 has a sensor resolution of 10.2 megapixels, and offers ISO sensitivity ranging from 100 to 1,600, with the ability to extend this to ISO 3,200 using the Hi-1 setting. The Nikon D60 makes a really excellent entry-level model for those just making the move to an SLR. Even for established photographers, the D60 is a pleasure to use, making a great second (or even first) body. … The D60 maintains the same body design and control layout as the earlier models, with a grip that’s remarkably comfortable for a wide range of hand sizes. Best of all, image quality is, if anything, improved. Bottom line, this is another excellent model for Nikon in the entry-level DSLR derby. … No matter how you look at it, the Nikon D60 stands up well against the competition, with great image quality at all speeds, and near-perfect utility as a family camera. It’s very fun to use … polite, attractive, and well-built; just the kind of companion you want to have along on your next family outing. READ FULL REVIEW


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