Sigma 120-400mm f/4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM APO Review Round-Up


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Sigma has produced a nice telephoto zoom here, and the inclusion of optical image stabilization will be a welcome upgrade from its previous offerings in the similar range. This stabilization is necessary, as good image sharpness in the telephoto range is only obtained when stopped down to Æ’/8 or Æ’/11. Using a smaller aperture in this range usually demands a slower shutter speed, which is usually a recipe for blurry images when using long-zoom lenses. With image stabilization, you get a steadier platform. In the final analysis, it becomes fairly obvious whether this lens is for you; Pentax and Sony users really don’t have any comparable options in this range, and while the Nikon and Canon offerings are slightly better choices optically, they’re more expensive. If absolute image quality at full telephoto is your objective, you may have to invest slightly more money into a telephoto prime, but shooting stopped down to Æ’/8 or Æ’/11, you can get fairly good images out of this lens, and with image stabilization, you don’t even need a sunny day or a tripod anymore. READ FULL REVIEW


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