Slick Pro 714 CF-II Tripod Review Round-Up

slick-pro-714-cf-ii-tripodThis three-pound carbon-fiber tripod offers one of the best values in an ultracompact model these days. With four twist-lock leg sections, it collapses to just 18 inches. Although the legs look thin near the feet, the ‘pod is built to support up to 11 pounds of gear. It extends to a maximum height of 47 inches, or 61.2 inches with the center column fully extended. The column can be reversed, and has a built-in weight hook. The 714 even comes with a canvas bag that you can fill with stones (or other available materials) and attach to the tripod legs like a little hammock, for extra, on-the-spot stability. The new Slik’s legs lock at three angles and have retractable spikes integrated into their rubber feet. At their most splayed-out position, they allow the tripod to be lowered to its minimum height of 7.25 inches when you reverse the center column. Padding on the legs’ top segments makes for comfortable handling, though it’s not really necessary on a small carbon-fiber model and creates a little extra bulk when the tripod is closed. About $245. READ FULL REVIEW AT PopPhoto

If you own or have used this tripod, let us know what you think! Leave your comments and thoughts below.


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