Gitzo Explorer 2227 Tripod Review Round-Up

gitzo-explorer-2227-tripodOnce in a while a new product comes out which makes you realize you can do more without either spending more money or carrying more gear. Gitzo’s 2227 is such a product. It doesn’t cost more or weight more than other Gitzo carbon fiber tripods of equal size. Yet, it allows you to use a tripod in ways you may have thought of but were unable to until now. These new abilities are particularly useful if you use a 35mm or medium format camera although, as the photographs here show, the 2227 can also be successfully used with 4×5. The Gitzo 2227, and its 4 leg-sections counterpart the 2228, is a wonderful tripod with capabilities which extend what most tripods can do. Is it for you? Why not? Even if you do not need these unique capabilities now, knowing they are available will expand your photographic options and perhaps lead you to create images you wouldn’t have created otherwise. Since the weight and price of the 2227 are similar to Gitzo tripods of comparable size you may want to give it a try? READ FULL REVIEW AT Luminous Landscape

If you own or have used this tripod, let us know what you think! Leave your comments and thoughts below.


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