What file format?

File Types and Color Profiles

Anyone who’s ever used Adobe Photoshop can tell you there are 20 different ways to save an image file. Each of these formats has a specific use and reason to exist – but for those of us in the still photography industry there are four major file formats. (more…)

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How a typical food shoot comes together

Our clients range from the creative director who’s been doing this for 256 years to the marketing assistant who’s in their first job out of college. Sometimes the clients are from the creative industries (graphic design, advertising, marketing) other times the clients come directly from the food industry. In any case, everyone wants to know how we work. This narrative is based on a typical advertising or corporate shoot. Editorial(magazine) shoots work a bit differently. (more…)

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The $29 solution….

If any of you are like me, you got into this business for one reason, to take photographs, to capture that special moment in time. And if you go back to the day of processing your own film and prints, you saw your photos come to life in a tray full of developer. But we are now tasked to learn a new method of image processing, the digital darkroom, and a new way to showcase our work, the internet, which brings me to my topic. (more…)

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