We are actively looking for ways to help photographers who are participating in a humanitarian or environmental project. Once a year we launch our Photocrati Fund, and throughout the year we regularly highlight photographers participating in projects like these in our ‘Photographers for Good’ series (see example). If you are interested in participating in the series, please fill out the form below or email editors at photocrati.com to submit your profile.

Please note: Submissions must be original content that has not (and will not) been published elsewhere online (referring to the submitted text; you are very welcome to use images that you are using elsewhere) and you need to be willing for us to use them on this site indefinitely. While we’d love to use everyone’s submissions we cannot guarantee that we’ll do so due to the numbers of people who read this site but also because we want to keep the quality high. If you’re unsure about whether your profile and website will be suitable for our series and want to check please feel free to contact us and we’ll let you know.


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