Q and A: What do you think about Infrared conversion for DSLRs?


Can you comment on Infrared conversion for a DSLR camera? I am now using the Nikon D700 but I have an old Nikon D70 and I’m thinking of having it converted. I love to shoot nature and I am looking for something new in the look of my images. Do you have an opinion about converting cameras for this purpose? P. Babcock


I do know a couple of photo enthusiasts who had their old EOS Digital Rebels converted for Infrared photography but have not done so myself. Do note that the warranty of any DSLR-of any brand-will be void if it is modified. And once a camera has been converted to “IR Only”, it cannot be used for conventional photography unless you’re willing pay for a re-conversion.

Aside from those caveats, it’s a great idea if you really want to shoot Infrared photos for creative or scientific purposes with a rarely-used camera. (more…)

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