Nikon D3X Review Round-Up

nikon-d3x-reviewIf you own or have used this camera, let us know what you think! Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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Popular Photography (D3X versus Canon 1Ds Mark III)

Sure, it can’t match the D3X’s 24.5MP, but at 21.1MP, this Canon’s no slouch. … If you mainly shoot in a studio environment, where you won’t need high ISOs, the 1Ds Mark III might be the camera for you — especially if you already have an arsenal of Canon glass. If your shooting is more varied, the D3X’s versatility may tip the scales in its favor. After all, the D3X nearly matches or beats the Canon in most areas of performance, including the burst rate of 5 fps. But if you’re not already wedded to a brand, the Canon offers one big advantage: It costs about $1,500 less. READ MORE OF THIS REVIEW (more…)

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