Comparison Review of Full-Frame Digital SLRs: Canon EOS 5D Mk II vs. Nikon D700 vs. Sony a900

Field Test Report

As discussed in my previous Q &A item about the pro’s and con’s of large sensors, an increasing number of DSLRs employ a full-frame 24x36mm chip. Some of those cameras are very expensive ($7000+) but three models fall into the “relatively affordable” category. I tested this trio often using large, premium-grade zooms optimized for 24x36mm chips. Because the cameras became available at various times, I was unable to do side-by-side testing. For the sake of consistency however, I did return to a couple of scenes in similar lighting and made some comparable images.



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Nikon D700 Review Round-Up


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Nikon now has a full-frame digital SLR for pros, semi-pros, and well-heeled enthusiasts: the Nikon D700. Nikon has done it again, producing a market-leading digital SLR that sets a new standard for image quality and ISO performance. Stacked up against its nearest competitor, the Nikon D700 wins in high ISO performance and overall camera features. …The Nikon D700’s list of pluses is overwhelming. Easily the greatest advantage offered by this digital SLR is the ability to shoot usable photos in ridiculously low light. Though the initial price is still high, the Nikon D700 produces images of the same quality, if not better, than the Nikon D3. …The Nikon D700 earns a five-star, as one of the finest digital SLR cameras ever produced. READ FULL REVIEW


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