Nikon D2X Review Round-Up

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Digital Photography Review

With the D2X Nikon has shifted to a CMOS sensor, there’s no doubting the amount of detail captured combined with Nikon’s image processing can produce stunning results. … The advantage of only using the ‘sweet spot’ area of the lens is clear, full size 35 mm sensors may have long been the dream of the digital photographer but they do place much bigger demands on the lens. The D2X is a camera which grew on me the more I used it, its instant response and solid build instill a level of confidence unavailable in lesser cameras. You know that every time you press the shutter release the camera will respond instantly and you’ll get the shot. As a photographic tool it’s as close to perfection as I could imagine, there’s really very little else you could want from a camera. The D2X, is exactly what we expect Nikon to produce, a solid robust high performance digital SLR with superb image quality, build quality and a confidence inspiring sense of presence. READ FULL REVIEW


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