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With the D2X Nikon has shifted to a CMOS sensor, there’s no doubting the amount of detail captured combined with Nikon’s image processing can produce stunning results. … The advantage of only using the ‘sweet spot’ area of the lens is clear, full size 35 mm sensors may have long been the dream of the digital photographer but they do place much bigger demands on the lens. The D2X is a camera which grew on me the more I used it, its instant response and solid build instill a level of confidence unavailable in lesser cameras. You know that every time you press the shutter release the camera will respond instantly and you’ll get the shot. As a photographic tool it’s as close to perfection as I could imagine, there’s really very little else you could want from a camera. The D2X, is exactly what we expect Nikon to produce, a solid robust high performance digital SLR with superb image quality, build quality and a confidence inspiring sense of presence. READ FULL REVIEW

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Steve’s Digicams

The Nikon D2X is a bit of an enigma. With both full-frame and High Speed Crop modes, it is versatile like no other camera, equally at home in a studio or a sports arena. It is feature rich, offering the exposure controls and Custom Settings demanded by professionals. Its 12.4 megapixels of resolution, set a new standard for Nikon and will be well-received by those with large investments in Nikon glass. But I am a bit disappointed with the shadow noise present in images taken at ISO 200 and above. Nikon attempted to mitigate the problem with their in-camera High ISO Noise reduction feature, but its effectiveness is only fair and you lose image detail as a result; a better solution is the use of 3rd party noise reduction applications. Studio and commercial photographers who don’t rely on high ISO settings will be happy with the long-awaited D2X, but photojournalists and sports shooters who need the camera’s full range of sensitivity should carefully evaluate the D2X’s image noise before parting with $5000. READ FULL REVIEW

The Nikon D2X is the latest in Nikon’s series of digital SLRs and goes head-to-head with the Canon 1D mark II. In pixel count the D2X at 12.4MP comes between the 8.2MP 1D mark II and the 16.7 MP 1Ds mark II. It matches the 1Ds frame rate of 5 fps, and in a reduced pixel mode (6.8MP) its 8fps matches the 8.5fps (but 8MP images) of the 1D mark II. With an effective 1.5x “multiplier”, the D2X uses a smaller CMOS sensor (23.7 x 15.7mm) then either the 1D mark II (28.7 x19.1mm) or 1Ds (36x24mm). The D2X has ISO settings from 100 to 800 with “H1” and “H2” settings for ISO 1600 and ISO 3200 (both the Canon 1Ds mark II and 1D mark II cover ISO 100 to 1600, with extra settings for ISO 50 and ISO 3200). This perhaps suggests that the smaller pixles of the D2X (5.5 micron, vs. 8.2 microns on the 1D mark II and 7.2 microns on the 1Ds mark II) mean higher noise levels, but time and testing will be needed to see if that’s true. READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

The D2X is for full time professional photographers who need a solid, responsive camera to beat on all day and night. You pay a severe premium in price and weight if all you want are more megapixels than a D70. Personally I prefer the D200 because it does almost the same thing and weighs a lot less. The D200 only costs one-third the price and is a year or two newer, too. What makes the D2X special is its fantastic high speed, instant response, brutally fast autofocus, superb usability and construction so solid you can use it for self-defense. It has 12MP at up to 5 FPS and can run at 8FPS at 7MP, making it a great choice for just about everything. It has a huge 2.5″ LCD screen and a fantastic long life, carefree battery system. The D2X is Nikon’s, if not the world’s, flagship digital SLR of 2005. READ FULL REVIEW

Thom Hogan

The D2x is much like the D2h. Both are a complete redesign from the D1 series cameras. While the family heritage is obvious, virtually every significant aspect of the D2 series cameras has been rethought from the D1 series. The D2x is not a “some new features in a D1 package” type of design. As I said in my D2h review, I was impressed that Nikon took the time to try to improve, refine, and innovate in as many places as it has. Every control, every body curve, and even every part deep in the body (frame, shutter, etc.) seems to have been touched from the D1 designs. Even more impressive is that they didn’t rest with the D2h UI and specifications; the D2x has additions and refinements over the D2h all over the place. READ FULL REVIEW

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