Q and A: How can I get rid of spots on my photos?


Recently all the photos taken with my digital SLR have obvious spots at two fixed places. Can I get rid of them by cleaning the sensor? Also, I see a lot of colored spots in my night photos but I guess that’s a different problem; how do I solve that? M.K.


Yes, it’s quite likely that the two dots are caused by specks on the sensor. You can send the camera to a service, or consider cleaning the sensor yourself with one of the products from VisibleDust such as the Zeeion Blower (from B&H Photo; from Amazon). For more stubborn spots (such as water droplets) you would need to use the special swabs (from B&H Photo; from Amazon) plus the SensorClean liquid (from B&H Photo; from Amazon).

But take maximum care not to scratch the sensor; follow the accessory manufacturer’s instructions to the letter! (more…)

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Splash and pour shots

One of the most fun types of shoots we get asked to do regularly is the pour shot. I personally like the pour shot because it’s technically challenging, visually arresting and sometimes unpredictable. (more…)

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