My favorite piece of gear

black_rapid_strap2If you ask a photographer to name the one piece of equipment that he loves the most, the answer might surprise you. Although I love my camera, my flashes, my lens… they could all be replaced by other brands if necessary. However, there is one thing that I use all the time that I just love. (more…)

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Piece of mind!

Every now and then a device comes along that makes you think, how did I ever live without this? How many of us would ever think of venturing on a long drive without our cell phones? For me, that device is my Epson P-5000. Two years ago, while transferring photos from my card, to my G5, the computer decided to “burp”, okay not a burp, it was more like a projectile vomit!epson_p_5000


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Quest for knowledge

I love books, all types of books, fiction, self-help, history and my favorite – photography books. I love reading about how other photographers work, their style, what equipment they’re using and how they handle difficult assignments. My recent purchase and quickly becoming a dog-eared classic is by Joe McNally and The Moment it Clicks.

The Moment It Clicks (more…)

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