The WordPress Photography Podcast

The WordPress Photography Podcast

Did you know we host a podcast called The WordPress Photography Podcast at our sister brand, Imagely? It’s THE podcast for photographers to learn more about WordPress. We break things down to make the website platform you’re using easier.

But we go beyond WordPress too and talk about the photography business beyond your website.

Below are the latest 5 five episodes of the podcast. We hope you enjoy them!

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  • This is going to be a very emotional one for me. This is my last episode of the WordPress Photography Podcast and my last episode for Imagely. Because I am officially leaving Imagely to pursue the next chapter in my career. The post Episode 133 – Reflections first appeared on Imagely.
  • In this episode, we talk to Joseph Cristina about safely backing up your photography and videography in a system that is more flexible and guarded than your typic RAID or NAS. The post Episode 132 – Your Digital Fort Knox with Joseph Cristina first appeared on Imagely.
  • In this episode, Tanya Smith shares advice for photographers of all experiences and genres to make their businesses more profitable and less busy. The post Episode 131 – A Profitable Photography Business with Tanya Smith first appeared on Imagely.
  • In this episode, we talk to Peter LaGregor about running a photography business as a side hustle instead of a full-time career. We touch on strategy in business, photography, editing, and delivery. The post Episode 130 – Efficiency in Your Photography Business with Peter LaGregor first appeared on Imagely.
  • Today we will be answering two questions from the community. The first about how fast your site loads on mobile devices. The second about errors displaying on the front end of your site. The post Episode 129 – Mobile Site Speed & Code Errors first appeared on Imagely.
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