17 Most Popular WordPress Plugins As Of 2015

wordpress-plugins-popular-2015As March approaches we thought it would be fun to share a list of the most popular WordPress plugins as of 2015.  The download counts you’ll see below are the historical downloads of the plugins, not just for the year or previous year. But rather all years the plugins have been available.

We’re happy to see NextGEN Gallery among the list – it’s not just the most popular WordPress gallery plugin, but continues to be one of the most popular plugins of any kind!

After going through the list, comment with what your favorite WordPress plugins are and why.

Now onto the list…

Now that you’ve seen the most popular free WordPress plugins of 2015, comment with what your favorite plugins are and why.

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  1. 3 favorites one of which made the list:
    1)Site Origins Page Builder – also does Posts and CPT simplifying page design.
    2)Shortcodes Ultimate – works with any theme like Page Builder above and has great documentation and tons of useful shortcodes.
    3)Easy Google Fonts – again works in any theme by installing itself in Theme Customize command

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