Big Changes on Photocrati

Dear readers, we just wanted to update you on a few great recent additions at Photocrati, and alert you to a few more upcoming changes.

We’ve added 300+ Gear Reviews. We’ve finally finished adding 300+ reviews of digital SLR cameras, lenses, and photographic peripherals to Photocrati, the start of our new review section. You’ll find traditional reviews as well as review “round-ups” in which we synthesize expert opinions on cameras, lenses, and gear.

Peter K. Burian has joined Photocrati. Peter K. Burian (co-author National Geographic Photography Field Guide, author of numerous Magic Lantern Guides to DSLRs and other books, and contributing editor for several photography magazines) has joined Photocrati. He’ll be writing many or our digital SLR reviews and answering a Q&A column on photography gear and digital photography starting this week.

Photocrati is now on Twitter. Photocrati has joined Twitter. You can connect with us at Joe Decker, a nature and wildlife photographer and one of our contributors, will be doing much of Tweeting. And we’ll be keep fellow Twitters up-to-date by tweeting new blog posts.

The Photocrati Forum. Photocrati will be adding a photography forum within the next month or so, a place to ask questions, share tips, and extend the discussion from our blog pages.

New Categories. We’ve reworked our category structure to make it easier for you to find articles of interest. You’ll now see categories on such topics as Photography Workshops, Food Photography, Pricing, Book Reviews, Working with Clients, and other topics.

Any thoughts, comments, or questions, don’t hestiate to let us know.

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  1. I have recently established a web site using a Photocrati theme. I have three thumbnail galleries with all images identically sized. However, on each of the three galleries the images are presented at a different vertical placement. On one of them they are positioned near the top of the page, on another they are positioned actually off the bottom of the page, and on the third they are positioned in between. What is causing this, and how can I correct it.
    Thank you.

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