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At the optimal focus distances the EF 24mm f/2.8 is an excellent performer capable to deliver images as sharp as it gets on an 8MP APS-C DSLR. For most situations this is generally true but residual spherical aberration can be a problem at close-focus distances (as explained in the MTF chapter above). Other than that vignetting is a little on the high side at f/2.8 but no issue beyond and the slight barrel distortions are usually very acceptable as well. The construction quality is decent though not stellar. So at the end of the day it remains an excellent lens … with a little bug. READ FULL REVIEW

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Compared to modern equivalents, the 24mm Æ’/2.8 seems to be due for an update. We’ve had some interesting discussions about the nature of focus and field curvature in wide-angle lenses, and it could be that if you arranged your subjects to match the curvature of the lens, everything would be sharp. That doesn’t regularly happen in real-life, though: people tend to compose along flat planes, and that’s conveniently how our tests measure sharpness. In this regard, shot wide-open, the 24mm Æ’/2.8 shows high levels of corner softness (extremely high, on full-frame bodies), which may or may not be a desirable effect. CA performance is good, corner shading is good (except on full-frame, where it’s objectionable) and distortion is about what you’d expect for a wide-angle lens. On balance, however, it’s not overly expensive, and if you want wide-angle on a budget, it’s one of your only options. READ FULL REVIEW

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  1. I can only say one word; fantastic. According to the low price och the results, it´s amazing. I use it with a 5d Mk II and I think its a really good value. I´m being thinking about the new 24/1.4 Mk II, but I just can´t justify the cost compared to how this cheap lens behaves, even wide open. Ok, colour is not L-style, but its good enough.

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