Canon 28-135mm f/4-5.6 II USM EF Review Round-Up

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The Canon EF 28-135mm is clearly the winner from an optical and functional viewpoint. Optically it’s as good as or slightly better than the 28-105, plus it has an extra 30mm of reach. The IS function really works and allows you to handhold at 1/8s at 28mm, whereas without IS you might need 1/30s for sharp images. If you’re stuck without a tripod this could be the difference between getting a shot and losing it. The downside of the lens is its extra cost (about $200 more than the 28-105) and its significantly increased size and weight, as well as the need for a larger (and more expensive) filter (72mm vs. 58mm). If size weight and cost aren’t an issue, it’s the better lens. I got this lens in a deal where I bought a camera and this lens came with it. I had intended to sell the lens, but after using it for a while I’m quite reluctant to part with it! The IS feature is really nice READ FULL REVIEW

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