Canon 60mm f/2.8 USM macro EF-S Review Round-Up


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So they do exist – high-performance lenses with a reduced image circle. The Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM macro delivers an almost flawless performance. The lens is capable to provide very sharp border-to-border results with minimal distortions and low CAs. The bokeh (out-of-focus blur) is exceptionally smooth. The only dirty spot on its otherwise clean vest is high vignetting at f/2.8 towards infinity focus but one stop down the issue is pretty much resolved. So combined with its high build quality, very fast AF and a pretty affordable price the only verdict can be … highly recommended! READ FULL REVIEW

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As you’d expect from a prime, the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 macro delivers superior sharpness over a wide range of aperture settings. Wide open, its just a little on the soft side, but just one stop down at f/4, it’s “prickly sharp,” and very sharp indeed all the way out to f/11. (Like many lenses, things get quite soft beyond f/16 or so, don’t even consider using f/32, unless you’re deliberately trying for a soft-focus effect.) Most serious photographers have several prime lenses in their bag, and this 60mm f/2.8 would make a great early addition for many Rebel and 20D shooters. It’s a great length for portrait shots (just knock down the sharpness a little in Photoshop(tm)), it’s great for macro work, and delivers exceptionally sharp and distortion-free images. All in all, a great lens for the d-SLR shooter. READ FULL REVIEW


Clearly a superior copy-stand lens, with virtually no edge falloff or curvature-of-field issues, this 60mm is also supremely suited to nature or product close-ups, as well as portraiture and low-light work. However, Canon DSLR shooters who don’t need the extra magnifying power will be forgiven if they opt for the less expensive, full-frame 50mm f/2.5, especially if a full-frame Canon SLR/DSLR is in their future. READ FULL REVIEW


This Canon 60mm macro is optically spectacular. It works well and has no downsides, other than being only 60mm and only working on the 1.6x sensor cameras. READ FULL REVIEW

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