Canon 70-210mm f/4 EF Review Round-Up


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Ken Rockwell:

The Canon EF 70-210mm f/4 is sharp and works great. The optics are as good as similar current lenses in actual use, although it’s soft at f/4 and 210mm. The reason to pay more for the newest lenses are features like Image Stabilization, not optical quality. READ FULL REVIEW

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  1. I just got this lens the EF 70-210 f/4 form ebay for a very good price! I have used it on my 40D & 5D Mk I with excellent results, I am so happy I got it, it’s lite weight very sharp @ about f8 & very decent @ f4 wide open. It’s a nice change from having to carry my 70-200 2.8L IS all the time. focus is fast enough, but the focus mechanism is very loud no ultrasonic motor. Zoom via push & pull is not fluid like the old Canon FD 70-210 F/4. My lens has a couple of tiny dust spots on the inside of the front element but they have no visual impact on any of my photos. I got the correct Canon lesn hood for it & a nice filter bottom line get this lens if you can it is worth it’s weight in gold (for what they cost) I love mine.

    1. You really found a hood that fits a Canon 70-210 f4? Could you please tell me which hood you use? I have bought several hoods that other blogs claim to work, but they turn out to not fit.

  2. I also have the Canon EF 70-210 f/4, but I got mine from my father when he passed. He got it with the old 35mm Rebel he had and then I had for years. Now it resides on my T2i and also has excellent results. I don’t seem to have the noisy focus you refer to and it jumps instantly to focus, the zoom slide is also very smooth. Maybe the difference is in Ebay vs. my lens has only had two owners and realistically only one user… me. My dad often bought things and then handed them to me and said “learn how to use this” while never touching it himself. My lens is now about 15 +/- years old and I got it sometime in my mid to late 20’s and to this day am very pleased with it’s performance.

  3. I used to own the 70-200 f/4 L but since I usually shot landscapes, I wasn’t using it much..especially on a crop sensor body. I moved up to a 5D, then a 5D Mk 11 and needed a general long zoom again , for occasional wildlife opts. Found this 70-210 f/4 that was very affordable and after reading some reviews decided I needed the optics and didn’t need the extra bells & whistles of the L version. Well, I’ve been very pleased with this lens . Sharp, easy to handle, and I sort of like the push/pull zoom. Excellent lens for the money; don’t overlook it !

  4. Just bought a 70-210 f4 Lens for £30 and I am very impressed. Tad noisy motor but who cares when images are so good. Michael

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