Canon 85mm f/1.2 USM L EF Review Round-Up


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I was quite sceptical regarding this lens. Not so much because I expected a bad performance but what to do with this lens. I’ve to admit that after a week of testing I’m in love and it’ll be very hard to part with it again. Isolating objects via ultra-large aperture settings is more fun than I ever imagined. Besides the performance of this lens is exceptional with scaringly sharp results (from f/2.8 and up) and a super-smooth bokeh. The build quality is, naturally, up to pro standards. Regarding its price tag it is certainly not a mainstream lens but if you belong to the financially-gifted you may consider to take a long, deep look at this lens. READ FULL REVIEW

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We had more fun with this lens than many we test, its f/1.2 maximum aperture and super-soft bokeh (rendering of out-of-focus elements) make it a superb portrait lens, one that makes the background practically go away when you’re shooting with it wide open. That said, it isn’t a lens that’s tack-sharp wide open, at least not in the corners of the frame, even on a sub-frame camera. It actually is fairly sharp at the center wide open, but the softness in the corners is noticeable. Mechanically, the build quality is excellent, and manual focus operation is very smooth and precise. Autofocus is likewise very quick, thanks to its ultrasonic motor. Do note that this is a big, heavy hunk of glass, it probably isn’t a lens you’d enjoy hand-holding for a full day. READ FULL REVIEW


Do you need a lens like this? If you are a professional photographer the stunning image quality Canon’s EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM delivers is what you want and your clients expect. If you shoot weddings and portraits, the ability to capture luminous low-light portraits gives you an edge in capturing that decisive moment, and can make the different between a good shot and a great one. Do you want a lens like this? Oh yeah, but it’s still heavy. READ FULL REVIEW

The lens was redesigned early in 2006 and now carries a “II” designation. The earlier version of the lens was a very high quality optic, but the new version, at a slightly increased price, offers improved autofocus speed and transmits focus distance information to the camera, increasing the accuracy of flash exposure. The Canon 85/1.2L has the kind of rugged mechanical construction that you would expect given the heavy chunks of glass inside. READ FULL REVIEW


This grapefruit-sized behemoth is a very special purpose lens designed for people who intend to use it wide open most of the time, and are willing to pay for that in many ways. You people know who you are. If you have to ask, then this lens isn’t for you. If you know who you are and think you need one of these, go get one today. Its optics are extraordinary, even wide open. Point sources of light stay points, even at f/1.2 in the farthest corners, even full-frame. Most of this review is written for normal people explaining why this lens is great, but mostly for crazies like you. READ FULL REVIEW

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