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Digital Photography Review

For me the D60 outperformed many of my expectations, I didn’t expect resolution to be as good as it is and I didn’t expect Canon to be able to keep noise levels down in the way they have. In almost every respect the D60 has performed flawlessly. There are the diagonal jaggies and ‘strange dots’ but these occur very infrequently in every day shots and even then they are hardly visible. Little touches like the reduced shutter release LAG, illuminated AF points, illuminated top status LCD, in-camera parameter programming are all welcome improvements and go to show that Canon are well aware of, and act upon user requests. One area I think a lot of people expected to be improved is auto focus, and this may be the D60’s only achilles heel. READ FULL REVIEW

Other Canon EOS D60 Reviews

Steve’s Digicam

As of this writing (March 2002), the Canon D60 is the best possible value in a digital SLR (dSLR.). For those making the transition from film to digital that don’t like the restrictions of “consumer grade” digicams consider this, dSLRs offer the convenience of interchangeable lenses, speedy AF systems, advanced metering systems, total exposure control, performance and above all, the best possible image quality. For potential buyers the D60’s price may seem high when compared to its film counterparts but please remember that pro level dSLRs were going for $10K and more just a year or two ago. We’ve seen a profound evolution occur in a short period of time — the technology has improved 500% and the price has dropped almost as dramatically. This is a great time to go digital and I can’t think of a better way to go than with an EOS D60. READ FULL REVIEW

Luminous Landscape

I had been impressed with how well the D60 was able to hold shadow detail. Like the D30 before it, one of the Canon D60’s sterling capabilities is its color rendition. There is a purity and a saturation to the colors (notice I write purity – not necessarily accuracy) that I’ve never seen from any other system, including other digital cameras and backs. … And, when you combine this with the D60’s more-than-adequate resolution and file size, you have the makings of a very fine picture-taking machine indeed. … On the plus side of the ledger are great image quality, superb battery life, and freedom from dust on the image sensor (something that plagues many other DSLRs). The frame buffer has also been increased in size over the D30 from 3 to 8 for RAW files. The negatives include substandard autofocus, consumer-grade build quality, and slow frame rates. READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

The D60 is a 6MP digital SLR that works great, but not as well as the Nikon D100 in terms of the very important ease and speed of use. Image quality of most DSLRs is about the same. That’s not how you select among cameras. Speed of operation and ease-of use are how you choose. I found this camera confusing with more menus than I’d like. I passed on it due to that. Hey, you may be different once you learn it. It’s slower on playback than the Nikons. Each time you move to the next image it’s fuzzy on the screen till the camera reads the rest of the file a second later. That sounds trivial, but just like the D30 and 10D it slows down your ability to see what you shot. The Nikon DSLRs let you scroll instantly through what you’ve shot.   READ FULL REVIEW

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