Content Exposure

Greater Content Exposure By Being Personal

Content Exposure

Content exposure is not a simple task, but very possible.  Content exposure can be considered part of the link building process of SEO for Photographers.

In this article, you will see how taking additional time promoting your content can have extremely positive benefits.

Think about this…

On July 8, 2012 I published an article, which is a list of essential WordPress plugins for photographers. The article is fairly long, with screens of the plugin listing heads (from the plugin directory), small descriptions to what the plugins are and how they can help business.

The article was purely informative, without fluff – straight the point. That’s how I like to blog, so I went with it.

After publishing the article, it spread like wildfire around the photographer community. I knew that an article like this would eventually be picked up by WordPress and photography based websites. But after the initial surge of traffic, I decided to revisit the Photographer’s SEO Community Link Building Hub for some ideas to continue the growth.

So here is what I did.

I spent the time reaching out to individuals and businesses that I thought would appreciate the article. In emails and tweets, I wrote a very personalized note about the article, and why their readers would appreciate it.

The result was very positive. Here is a great example. Joost, developer of WordPress SEO, was happy to share the article as his plugin is included in the list. He read the article and then tweeted using the Tweet button instead of simply retweeting my original announcement or conversation. His 37,000 plus followers then had a chance to retweet and visit the article.  (Thanks again Joost!)


This happened many other times, including some with 50,000 plus followers.

You might be surprised what being personal and conversational can do for your content. Almost one month later, the article is still continuing to be shared on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.  The one article, in only one month is close to becoming the most popular article on my blog.

It is important to remember that this strategy does go beyond just the three most popular social channels. Being personal should be implemented on your blog comments, Q&A posts, in photography forums and anywhere else you can be engaging.


So to recap, here are steps for greater content exposure:

  1. Write fantastic content (optimized for readers)
  2. Optimize for search engines
  3. Publish during your site’s best day and time
  4. Email your list about the new, very useful, content and tell them why it’s so valuable (Promote, Promote, Promote)
  5. Step back and let the traffic naturally flow in
  6. Shortly after, start sending personal messages to those you feel will also find the content valuable.  Request for a retweet or share

This simple strategy is often overlooked because of how much time it can take up.  I recommend trying it once to see the results.  I believe you will be satisfied and what is there to lose?

Thanks for reading

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