12 Steps To Blog Promotion Success

Content marketing is more than just writing, photographing and publishing content.  It’s also about the promotion of that content.

The team at Divvy HQ published a great infographic that doubles as a checklist to blog promotion success.

To sum it up though, here are the steps.

  1. Keyword optimize your article (see Photographers SEO for keyword tips)
  2. Syndicate your article through RSS and social channels
  3. Shorten your article using a tool like Hootsuite or Bit.ly
  4. Modify your headline for each community you share the article on (Buffer can be a great tool to test headlines)
  5. Post teasers on other websites either through guest blogging, Q&A, commenting and more
  6. Bookmark your site on social channels like Pinterest or Delicious
  7. Engage in comment marketing
  8. As for sharing help on Twitter (use retweet in your requests, not RT)
  9. Add your latest blog article to your email signature
  10. Share your article with customers through personal interaction
  11. Share your article with your email list or newsletter
  12. Ask other bloggers to mention your article

Now that you have read through the list, here is the infographic.  Print it out and hang it near your desk for future reference.


Be sure to share this article with your community of blogger friends so everyone can benefit from the great checklist.

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  1. My goodness .. there is so much to learn … but this is a great start. I’m going to go through this list one at a time until I finally get. Thanks for this very information information!

  2. Great summary. I thought I knew it ‘all’ when it came to SEO — two tips I never knew are posting teasers and bookmarking content — thanks for more insight. It’s an ongoing learning curve. I really appreciate you sharing and keeping us up to date.

  3. This is a phenomenal summary. Thanks!

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