Now Is The Time To Geotag Your Photos for SEO

Now Is The Time To Geotag Your Photos for SEO

Before Photocrati sold the Photographer’s SEO Community I recorded a video talking about EXIF used for SEO.  More and more photographers are asking me about the importance of geotagging photos, so I decided to record a quick video about it, and my advice.

But before you see the new video, take a look at the original video I recorded.

Ok, now that you’ve gotten through that, please view the video on GPS specifically in the EXIF data and how it can benefit your SEO.

If I haven’t convinced to consider Geotagging your photos then no worries at all. But if I did and you’re on the hunt for a GPS then first check with your camera manufacturer to see if they have a solution. If they don’t then try one of these:

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