Boost Google Plus Engagement With This Method

Boost Google Plus Engagement With This Method

So I have discovered the secret to reaching a wider audience on Google Plus.

Ok, so It’s not a secret really, but I never actually tried this because I thought it was spammy.

However, as long as you structure the posts specific to each community then it’s quite alright.

Here is the not so magic bullet.

  1. Post an image with whatever text content on your personal profile. Link back to your own website for added traffic!
  2. Post the same image with same text (without re-uploading, but actually grabbing from an already uploaded albums) in every related community.
  3. Make sure you tweak the text content to match the community you’re posting in.
  4. Watch the circles and +1 and shares and comments pour in.

Rinse, repeat, enjoy.

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