Can Introverted Photographers Run A Photography Business?

Can you be an introvert and a photographer and still make money?

The simplest answer is yes.  But there is more to it then that.

My friend Angela is an introvert like me.  However, she runs two successful businesses.  One is a newborn photography business and the other a creative consulting business.

Angela  talked at Canadian Imaging and during her presentation told a story being a red head, and when her life changed from the standard red head to something completely different.

I am also an introvert, but with a mild case of extroversion as well.  I consider myself more an ambivert.  Like many other photographers I do not enjoy the sales aspect of photography because it involves putting myself out there in a very different method than I like.

I do not enjoy the in-person consult or in-person sales following a session.  I much prefer communicating via email than I do in-person or over the phone.  That’s me.  That might be you.  That’s many photographers in the world.

So I take advantage of what is possible with a website, and other tools that are out there.

For example, when a lead comes in through my website I will follow up with email communication.

  • I will use plugins like Gravity Forms to survey the lead as a means of gathering all the information required for the sessions/project.
  • I will use NextGEN Pro to provide proofing of the photos before delivering the final product.
  • I will keep a Google Calendar available for leads to see my availability.

I will do everything I can to make the process smooth for the client on the Internet.  However, I will also make myself available for Google Plus Hangouts, Skype calls or meet up in person when needed.

Being an introvert and running a business sometimes means thinking outside the box. It also means having to expand outside the constraints that your brain puts on yourself.

So with all that said – my point of this article is to enourage you to think different.  Think creativly and come up with new ways to boost your business without reaching too far out of your introverted brain (when you don’t have to).  Then open up more when you do have to.

I want to hear from you now, though.  Comment and let me know what type of things you do to help your business even though you’re an introvert.

Thanks for reading,

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