Use An iPad To Sell A Client Prints

There are two iPad apps that do a fantastic job of selling prints to photography clients. Preveal is one and Shoot and Sell is the other. Both are extremely similar, but there is one huge difference between the two. Shoot and Sell comes packaged with a few stock photographs of “client rooms” where Preveal requires you to take room photographs on your own. The nice part of about forced to photograph your own rooms is that it pushes you to photograph your client’s room.

Here are the video descriptions of each:


Preveal brings the power of projection sales to the coffee shop, allowing you to show it small to sell it big.

Shoot and Sell

Shoot and Sell is an iPad app for photographers to help their clients “picture their pictures” on the walls of their home.

These apps are not your typical iPad app prices, however if you are the type of photographer who often hand delivers products to clients, then they are both perfect fits for your business.

I originally shared my own videos on through my website, so if this interests you please head there and read some comments about iPad sales.

To see what other iPad and iPhone apps can be useful in your photography business, check out my free course on Udemy.

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