Role Play Photo Q&A: The Name Drop Discounts Request


Today we are happy to share a new series on the blog called Role Play Photo Q&A. Each article in this series will contain a question or comment that you might hear from a client.

It will also contain replies to the questions or comments from some industry experts.

The goal of this series is to educate you on how you might handle the situation in your own photography business.

Please feel free to comment with how you would reply. With that, let’s get started…

“But I spoke to my friend Ron Howard and he said you would give me a discount.”

Now, that’s funny, because Ron and I go way back and he paid five times what I normally charge because he truly values what I was able to provide him and his family, in terms of family portraits. I don’t offer discounts but let’s talk about what you are looking for first and see if whether we can work together. Sound good? – Seshu

It sounds like you’re worried about overspending. Should we look at your order again and see if we can trim something so you’re sure you’re getting exactly what you want? – Jenika Beck McDavitt

I’m afraid Ron’s made a huge mistake. Giving you a discount may very well arrest my business’ development. You see, this isn’t magic that I do everyday, it’s illusion. It may look like there isn’t much to being a photographer, but as a matter of fact, I’m Mr. Manager of every aspect of my business, not just what you see me do every day. So, unless I want to go back to my job at the banana stand, I’m going to have to charge you full price.” Ten points for Gryffindor if you can catch all five of the Arrested Development references in that. Oh Ron, you’re my hero for making that show… – Chris Scott

Ron is an old dear friend of mine and since you are a friend of his too I want to take great care of you and make some gorgeous photos for you and your family! While I can’t discount my services, I can offer you a complementary X which has a value of X. I’m so excited to work with you!” – Kimberley Anderson

Oh that Ron Howard. He’s so funny isn’t he? I swear we’re cosmically connected with our red hair and all. Actually I had a little surprise in mind for you that I think is going to really make you happy, if you choose to hire me. But first, I want to make sure I capture exactly what you want from your photography session with me. Mind if I ask you a few questions so we can both be certain I’m the right photographer for you? – Angela Pointon

I’m so sorry for the miscommunication! We have never discounted our work in the entire 9 years we have been in business. It’s possible that Ron simply misunderstood one of our bonuses. – Jen Basford

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to play the Role Play Photo Q&A game.  How would you respond to this situation? Comment below to share with the community.

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  1. Ron Howard? Film director Ron Howard? (pause and wait for verification)
    Wow. While I admire everything he’s done from Opie all the way to A Beautiful Mind, I find it very odd that he said I should give you a discount. You see, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him, and I wonder how he knows my work. I’m pretty sure he’s confused me with some other photographer who isn’t as meticulous about pleasing customers as I am.

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