Nikon 12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Nikkor Review Round-Up


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The Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED DX proved to be a very good performer. Its center resolution figures are exceptionally high and apart from 12mm @ f/4 the border quality is also impressive though a little less field curvature may be desirable at 12mm. CAs as well as the distortion characteristic are very good for an ultra-wide zoom lens wMOREas vignetting is about average due to the reduced APS-C image circle. The build quality is, in principal, very fine but you would usually expect a little more from a lens in this price class. The primary competitor is probably the Tokina AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X Pro – a lens which is just as sharp but with a higher degree of CAs and worse flare in contra light – all at less than half the costs and combined with a better build quality. Costs aside it’s a close race between the two with a slight edge for the Nikkor regarding optical quality. When taking the very different price tags in account the decision may be a little more complicated. READ FULL REVIEW

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A slightly more practical approach to wide angle photography is to choose a zoom. More distortion is introduced with a zoom, but this lens has won awards for managing to avoid most of those problems to some degree. At over a grand, you’d expect some good quality. This belongs in the Intermediate to Advanced photographer’s bag. All in all, the 12-24mm DX is an excellent lens, a very worthy option for Nikon shooters looking for a true wide angle zoom for their DSLRs. READ FULL REVIEW

Thom Hogan

Not a professional grade build, and an f/4 aperture, so why the over US$1000 cost? It’s bigger and heavier than you’ll expect. If you thought a lens designed to cover a smaller sensor size would be smaller, you’ll be surprised. This thing takes 77mm filters! 12mm performance could be better. While good, the performance at 12mm isn’t up to the levels produced at 24mm. Cut yourself sharp. At 24mm, this is the only lens you’d ever need (as long as the f/4 maximum aperture didn’t get in your way). Even at its weakest focal length, 12mm, it produces contrasty and sharp results, albeit with a touch of chromatic aberration. Works on 35mm. Yep, you can use it as an 18-24mm zoom on your full frame or 35mm bodies, though almost any filter will vignette at 18mm. READ FULL REVIEW


Convenient to use with outstanding optical performance throughout except noticeable barrel distortion at 12mm, which may be expected from such a focal length. READ FULL REVIEW


Out in the field I was duly impressed with this new offering. The results were crisp and free from flare, thanks to Nikon’s Super Integrated Coating, and very sharp corner to corner. Later, in other informal sessions, the lens was quick on the uptake thanks to Silent Wave technology. Any photographer who has this 12-24mm DX in his camera bag is certainly on his or her way to getting the most out of a digital camera. READ FULL REVIEW

This is a highest quality wide-angle zoom lens for Nikon’s small sensor digital SLR cameras, wonderful to use for landscape, travel and photojournalism. READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

Performance is excellent everywhere. It happily looks like the same plasticy construction but feels much, much sturdier than my dinky AF-S 24-85mm. The zoom is quite linear and feels very solid. I like this! AF is as fast as the AF-S 24-85mm. AF speed is rarely an issue in wide lenses. I love this lens. It’s a must-have for every Nikon digital SLR. It cheerfully replaces my boat-anchor 17-35 AFS which will go live with my F100. READ FULL REVIEW

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