Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S Nikkor Review Round-Up

nikon-14-24mm-f-28g-if-ed-af-s-nikkorIf you own or have used this lens, let us know what you think! Leave your comments and thoughts below. Get information and user reviews for this lens at Amazon: Nikon 14-24MM F/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor Wide Angle Zoom Lens and Accessory Outfit

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The Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED N is a phenomenal lens. It is the sharpest ultra-wide angle lens tested to date. The resolution figures are simply stunning and unprecedented specifically at 14mm … So far it is the only lens in this class which has the potential to scale beyond the pixel-density of 10mp APS-C sensors. And it doesn’t even stop here – distortions and lateral CAs are very well-controlled and vignetting is basically a non-issue in field conditions. Naturally even this Nikkor is not perfect in the true sense – it can flare quite a bit with streaking light sources and the bokeh can look a little rough … The immense front element may be responsible for the superb performance, but it prohibits front filters thus leaving the protruding front element quite vulnerable. … Nonetheless – taking the sum of its qualities into account the verdict can only be … highly recommended! READ FULL REVIEW

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SLR Gear

The Nikon 14-24mm Æ’/2.8G is an excellent wide-angle pro lens, with only two substantial flaws: lens flare, and the inability to attach filters. The lens hood does work to prevent flare if you can put it between the front element and the sun, but let’s face it – this is a wide angle lens we’re talking about. Optical performance is excellent, mounted on either an APS-C or 35mm frame, but corner shading is a significant issue on 35mm. Happily, image post-processing software can make corner shading a non-issue. Given the variables lens designers have to work with when producing ultra-wide lenses, this is a lens that delivers on what it promises: exceptional optical performance. READ FULL REVIEW

Pop Photo

Though expensive, this lens will prove well worth its price to any Nikonian who needs maximum wide-angle views with a minimum of optical distortion. READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

I’m an ultrawide junkie. As of March 2008, this 14-24mm is the lens I use the most for everything, and I usually am shooting it at 14mm. I love the insane point of view of ultrawide lenses. I love my fixed Nikon 14mm and Canon 14mm lenses I already use on film and my full-frame Canon 5D cameras. My fixed 14mm lenses are big, but still much more compact that the 14-24mm. This is not a lens for the faint of heart. Not only is it a back-breaker, but ultrawides are the most difficult lens to use. Ultrawides are not for “getting it all in.” My 14mm fixed lens is much smaller and lighter, but not as sharp at larger apertures and has more peripheral color shift. READ FULL REVIEW

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