NIKON 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S DX Nikkor Review Round-Up


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Photo Zone

There’s no such thing as a free lunch and the Nikkor AF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED DX is no exception to the rule. The build quality is downright miserable … However, the optical quality of the lens is not all that bad. The resolution figures are actually very good … The contrast level at large apertures leaves something to be desired though (dull colors). The distortion characteristic is about average whereas the vignetting is surprisingly well-controlled for a DX-type lens (APS-C image circle). Chromatic aberrations are quite high and can be field relevant in some situations. Naturally this has all to be seen in the context of the extremely low price tag so all-in-all it is almost surprising what the lens is capable to deliver. If you use f/8 or f/11 you’ll be a happy camper in most situations. The question may be whether such a limitation makes sense with a high priced DSLR. … READ FULL REVIEW

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SLR Gear

Priced and built for the consumer, and built to the same specifications as the Canon 18 – 55mm lens, the 18 – 55mm DX is an excellent lens for its target market, namely entry-level dSLR users. It gives consumers a lens that they will never need to change in most situations, and surprisingly good performance for a bargain optic. Partnered with the 55 – 200mm, most users will need nothing else. While it suffers from soft corners at wide angle and maximum aperture, closing down one or two f-stops makes a world of difference: At f/8 – f/11, it’s actually a very sharp lens. The combo of D50 and 18-55mm is an excellent bargain, and a great starting point for a dSLR hobby. “¦ READ FULL REVIEW

Vignetting is back. We’d forgotten about it when we moved to digital SLRs, as the older lenses had much larger image circles than necessary, but with a small DX lens that barely covers the APS-sized sensor, it’s back. Variable aperture, the big issue is that at 55mm this is an f/5.6 lens, which means that autofocus in low light can be compromised. Build quality doesn’t exceed the price point. Slower to focus than most AF-S lenses, and you can’t manually override the focus. No distance scale. Adequate optics. Other than that vignetting, no big flaws worth mentioning, actually. Considering the price, good performance, and probably well-matched to the D50 purchaser. The 28-85mm for the digital world. Yes, the mid-range zoom is back in full force. If that’s what you want with your D50, this is a lens you should consider (but I’d opt for the much better 18-70mm if I could get it). “¦ READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

This original $160 lens is great. I prefer it over the twice as expensive 18 – 70 mm lens for smaller size, less distortion and better zooming. This 18 – 55 zooms easily and precisely while the 18 – 70’s zoom control bunches the wide settings together at one end. I won’t miss the 2/3 stop and 15mm longer range I lose compared to the more expensive 18 – 70 mm. The focusing is faster on the 18 – 70 and the 18 – 55 loses the magic ability to focus manually just by grabbing the focus ring, but for its intended purpose as a mid range zoom I prefer this cheaper 18 – 55. “¦ READ FULL REVIEW

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