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Pro photographers just got a new option for full-frame digital photography: the Nikon D3 digital SLR camera. Not only will it make their old Nikon glass fully usable again, but it’s now the fastest digital SLR on the market — with some limitations. As they did with the D2x, Nikon struck a very fine balance with the D3. It’s not 16 or 21.1 megapixels, it’s 12.1. And it’s not a full 10 frames per second, it’s 9; but you can get to 11 frames per second if you don’t need full resolution and track focusing. It’s an interesting and effective strategy. The resulting cameras are more versatile than the competition. READ FULL REVIEW

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Digital Photography Review

With the introduction of the new ‘FX format’ D3, featuring a 36 x 23.9 mm 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor as well as a vast array of new features which absolutely raise it another notch above previous single digit Nikon DSLRs. … It is, without a doubt, built for speed – in every sense of the word. From the almost twitchy responsiveness…to the astounding image pipeline that can pull huge amounts of data off the sensor and process, buffer and write it to the card at up to 9 frames per second, to the fast, accurate focus, the D3 always seems to be one step ahead of you. Add to this the class-leading high ISO performance (thanks to a bravely low-density sensor) and you’ve got a camera that is uniquely capable of keeping up with the action even when light levels start to drop perilously. Image quality… is stunning, the camera a joy to use and the speed and responsiveness breathtaking. The D3 is possibly the most compelling, capable and well-rounded professional digital SLR ever made. READ FULL REVIEW


For years, Nikon users had been asking their favored camera maker for a dSLR with a full-frame sensor (the same size as a 35mm frame of film). Finally, Nikon caved, delivering the 12-megapixel D3; the result is a camera that reaches new heights in imaging with extremely low noise at astronomical ISO sensitivities, while maintaining the pro-level control and body design. Color accuracy is among the best we’ve seen in a digital camera, and overall image quality is wonderful. If you’re among the Canon crowd whose faith has wavered amidst this year’s onslaught of incredible image-making machinery from Nikon, the D3 might be worth the trouble of switching brands. But if you’re a Nikon shooter and you want the best that the company can offer, the D3 is a no-brainer and significant step up from the D2Xs. READ FULL REVIEW

Based on its specifications such as 9 frames per second (fps), a new state-of-the-art Multi-CAM 3500 AF module, and a relatively modest 12MP resolution, it is clear that the D3 is optimized for sports, news, and wildlife photography. Additionally, since the D3 has excellent high-ISO performance for indoor existing-light conditions, it should also be a great wedding camera. The D3 is Nikon’s first installment to full-35mm-frame FX-sensor DSLRs, and they chose to introduce a sports and news DSLR that has excellent low-light performance. Those were precisely the major weaknesses previously in Nikon’s DSLR line up. For those who would like a DSLR optimized for sports, news, and wedding photography, the D3 is probably the top choice. READ FULL REVIEW

Luminous Landscape

The viewfinder is beyond huge and makes my Contax look like a point and shoot. The LCD really is amazing (amazing is as understatement), and the closest I’ve seen to a good computer screen. Auto focus on the D3 is very fast, very accurate. It just snaps and holds the subject. There are many multiple focus options, even one set to recognize color. I was in focus much more than 90% of the time. The menu system is intuitive. It’s easy to find the functions, set color, tone, and noise reduction….The noise of the D3 at high ISO is about 2 to 3 stops better than the previous D2x. If there is only one thing I would like Nikon to offer is more Megapixels, at least 17 preferably over 20. READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

The Nikon D3 is a lot more than reading reviews and specifications could ever suggest. Just like the D300, the D3 has image processing tricks that makes it easier to create exactly the image I want over even more conditions than ever before. The D3 then adds more speed, more finesse, more lens choices, triple the battery life of the D300 and a real-time viewfinder camera-level display on top of it. The Nikon D3 is the first digital Nikon to use the full 24x36mm image area of traditional 35mm still film. The D3 is an action camera. My D3 really can crank at 9FPS, and the best part is that it only costs as much as every previous pro Nikon camera: $4,999.95. The Nikon D3 is the best camera ever made by Nikon. READ FULL REVIEW


Nikon finally takes the leap to a “full-frame,” 35mm-sized image sensor, ending Canon’s long monopoly and setting new standards in high-ISO sensitivity, shooting speed, autofocus capability, image processing, and more. We think both location and studio photographers will flock to the Nikon D3, as will many others who want the most powerful D-SLR money can buy. Built like a tank and fully weather sealed, it’s the first D-SLR to combine ultra-fast performance and full-frame capture. Its new FX-format image sensor is the same size as a 35mm film frame, so it preserves wide-angle lenses’ full field of view … The level of control offered by the D3 is simply awesome, but let’s stop with the specs. Something about the Nikon D3 — its huge, bright viewfinder, that brilliant LCD, and a prodigious responsiveness — makes you feel that you’re really in touch with your subject. READ FULL REVIEW

Thom Hogan

From an external standpoint, the D3 looks and feels like a D2xs with a larger viewfinder prism hump. All the mechanical and user interface things we enjoyed with the D2 series carry over pretty much intact. It’s what’s under the covers that brought all the surprises. Better autofocus. Better metering. Better image quality. Better high ISO performance. Better card write performance. It’s as if someone took a decently regarded high-end sports car and found a miracle engine to put inside that transformed the whole package. Yes, it’s that dramatic. Personally, the best ISO 3200 camera I’ve seen, bar none, and usable at 6400 with care. … Bottom line: the D3 a great camera, but make sure you need what it offers. READ FULL REVIEW

Photo Review

Unveiled at the end of August, along with the D300 ‘pro-sumer’ model, Nikon’s D3 is targeted at press photographers and is the first Nikon DSLR with a full-frame image sensor. … The body design of the D3 is an evolution of the D2x, with most modifications improving overall usability and comfort. … Big, bright and beautiful are the most appropriate ways of describing the D3’s viewfinder. Dual CompactFlash slots are provided, with support for the faster UDMA memory cards. Not unexpectedly, most of the D3’s response times were, in the main, too fast for us to measure. Continuous shooting speeds will meet most sports photographers’ requirements. Subjective assessment of shots showed them to be almost film-like in quality, with smooth tonal gradations, natural-looking colours and an abundance of fine detail. … At last, Nikon has produced a camera that provides some real competition for Canon at the top end of the professional DSLR range. READ FULL REVIEW

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  1. I have owned the Nikon D3 for over a year and find it to be the very best camera I have ever owned. As one who has been into photography for 50 years, I have used cameras of all sorts, from subminiature to medium format and I have owned many. Of all that I have ever owned and used, the Nikon D3 stands tall. It’s the best. I am actually pleased that Nikon stayed with 12 MP for their first full frame camera. As a result, noise issues are at a minimum, the best I have seen. And image quality remains tops! It was for good reason that DXOMarks rated the D# at #1 for a long time. I just can’t ask for more. The camera is also very well designed, it begs to be used and one looks for excuses to take it out and shoot. I think Nikon has added a wonderful camera in the D700, but it ain’t no D3 by a long ways. And the D3x is also superb, but I need the high ISO quality that I get with the D3. It is ideal for my purposes. Highly recommended!

  2. D3 is a superb camera,and by using daily will help to improve our perception of taking photos meaningfully.Camera makes you to think and broadens our view of the world.It is a gratifying experience.

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