Per Image Pricing

The a very long time I have been offering package and day rate pricing to clients. However, after my friend Rosh Sillars published an article on per image pricing I decided to rethink my strategy.

That’s not to say that package pricing is a bad method. In fact, for wedding photography package pricing is ideal. You can learn all about that methodology at Salesographer.

But if you want to learn about per image pricing and how useful it is for some photography styles like commercial work, then view the conversation I had with Rosh.

Basically per image pricing is the idea where you are charging one price for each image, and that includes all of your time shooting, editing and delivering the product.

Because of this method, Rosh considers himself a low-risk photographer. Meaning that if the client isn’t happy with the product that Rosh reshoots it without added fees.

Check out Rosh’s per image pricing calculator.


If this interests you definitely learn more about it from Rosh!

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