What's New With Photocrati

Photocrati 4.8 Available

What's New With Photocrati

We’re happy to announce that Photocrati 4.8 is now available via automatic update in your WordPress admin section!

Before Installing or Updating

Before installing or updating, we recommend backing up your existing files and database.  We also recommend saving your current customization features as a preset.

*Please note that even after updating, you may still see additional updates available. This is due to caching and will go away within a few hours. To verify that you are running version 4.8, visit the Appearance tab of your WordPress admin and the Photocrati theme should display the version number, 4.8.

As always, you can also download the newest version of the them from the Photocrati members area and update your theme manually.

Meet the new default Photocrati preset, Sidewinder Full.


Visit our Demos page to see all our new designs.

What’s New With Photocrati:

  • Made Photocrati Theme layout liquid and responsive for small screens
  • Added width settings to manage layout appearance
  • Added layout spacing options for main layout distance
  • Made font sizes adaptive for high density displays such as Retina
  • Added alignment options for the sidebar
  • Added side style headers
  • Added header margin and positioning options
  • Made Menus responsive for small screens
  • Added button for responsive submenus expansion
  • Added menu padding options to adjust Menu height
  • Added options for menu alignment
  • Made images not exceed size of container
  • Added background settings such as opacity and image settings
  • Changed background images to use WordPress media images
  • Added background image slideshows for homepage
  • Added “Page Without Content” template for homepage background slideshows
  • Fixed footer widgets resizing incorrectly
  • Increased dimensions of resized gallery images to 1200px
  • Added Magnific Popup as a Lightbox and for the ecommerce popup
  • Added drop shadow settings for main container
  • Added custom CSS fields for Mobile and Desktop only
  • Added extra alignment options for post meta
  • Added new series of presets to the theme selection
  • Added new batch of background images
  • Assorted fixes for e-commerce functionality
  • Fixed cart amount not totalling over 999
  • Added ecommerce option for International shipping pricing method
  • Added ecommerce option for custom currency symbol
  • Added ecommerce galleries column width option
  • Adjusted PayPal IPN notifier to not spew errors back to PayPal
  • Added grid albums column width option
  • Updated Galleria library to the latest version
  • Removed default borders from images
  • Add support for jetpack responsive video
  • Fixed naming convention for duplicate uploads for images in galleries
  • Made many small styling adjustments to modernize looks
  • Fixed file type filters for image uploads to galleries
  • Adjusted input fields length in settings to ensure no overlapping
  • Fixed uploads breaking when WordPress is run in debug mode
  • Fixed some PHP warnings and notices


As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support by visiting the members area.

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