How to Set Up a Photography Portfolio That Sells

How to Set Up a Photography Portfolio That SellsWhen it comes to online portfolios, we like to educate photographers to think of them like print portfolios.

The rule of thumb for print portfolios is to keep the book at no more than 20 photographs.

So the same rule of thumb should be used for online portfolios.

If you offer wedding photography, then you like also provide engagement photography and possibly family portraits. If that’s your situation, then you should have three portfolios. Each of which has 20 photographs inside of them.

By limiting your portfolio(s) to 20 or less, you’re showing your absolute best work to potential clients.

Sharing only your absolute best will have more selling power than sharing dozens upon dozens.

Think about this advice as you modify or build your photography website this year. Simplify and share your best.

But what about the rest?

If you’re wondering what to do with the rest of the photographs you want to share, that’s what your blog is for. Every picture has a story. Write about it and publish it in a blog post.

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