Photocrati 4.6 Preset Video Walkthrough

The Photocrati 4.6 update includes the ability for users to import and export presets.

This feature is great for a few reasons.

  1. Users can buy presets
  2. Users can sell presets
  3. Users can trade presets
  4. Users can back up their custom settings in a preset

In the video below, you will see how utilize the import/export preset feature.

Please note that currently the presets will not export your custom images. For example, if you include a background image in the header, the preset will not include it. However, if you take advantage of custom CSS then it will be included.

We hope you enjoy this feature, and we believe you will because it opens up a wide range of opportunities for you to further stylize your Photocrati driven website.

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  1. I am wanting to build a new websit to further promote my product on a WordPress format. I have several donains ( do I need to purchase more?)
    Can I use my exsisting donains?
    I also purchased the build a site package, because I have limited abilities in this area and would like to have assistance to create the new site.
    Any assistance you can help me with will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You!

    1. You can use your purchased theme on each of your domains. The support team will be able to help get you going.

  2. I purchased a template several years ago and I’m just attempting to have a few basic questions answered to determine if I need to renew. If I provide a $99 payment does this mean I can upload new templates as well as have a support staff contact me for any issues I’m experiencing?

    1. If you purchase a subscription you get access to updates and support as long as you’re a subscriber.

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