Q and A: Does the Fuji 3D system really work?


I have read a lot about the Fuji 3D, a digital camera that’s supposed to make real 3D images. Does it really work as advertised? How much will it cost and when will it be available? R.S.


The FinePix Real 3D W1 (Fuji) camera is available now direct from Fujifilm in the US and from a few retail stores. Expect greater availability over the next month or two; yet, even then, it may be a special order item. The suggested list price is $600 for the camera and $500 for a special accessory, the 3D Viewer V1. Initially, only Fuji will be able to make 3D prints since the process requires entirely new-and expensive-equipment. Expect to pay about $7.00 for a 5×7″ print with a true 3D effect without the need for special glasses.

And yes, it really does work as I recently confirmed with a demo at Fuji’s office. The classy (somewhat large) camera employs two 35-105mm zoom lenses and two 10 megapixel sensors to take a 3D photo or a 3D (AVI) video with sound. Parallax Correction is available in Playback mode; you can view the photo while changing the parallax setting, making it easy to get just the right effect. The camera can also shoot conventional 2D photos and videos, using one lens and one CCD sensor. If desired, the W1 can take two distinct 2D photos of the same scene, with entirely different function settings for each JPEG; one lens can be set for telephoto and one set for wide angle.

The prints are pricey but they look great! And the display on the camera’s new LCD monitor also provides a definite 3D effect. The same applies to the Viewer V1, a unique type of 8″ LCD that displays the beautiful 3D (or 2D) photos/videos. It includes slots for xD and SD/SDHC cards and can be connected a computer with a USB cable. As a bonus, wireless photo transfer from the Real 3D camera to the Viewer is possible, thanks to built-in IrSimple technology. For additional information on these cool new products visit the Fujifilm Real 3D “virtual experience” Flash site or view the Real 3D instructional video.

Fujifilm's unique Real 3D system includes the W1 camera, the V1 viewer and 3D prints-available only from Fuji at this time.
Fujifilms unique Real 3D system includes the W1 camera the V1 viewer and 3D prints available only from Fuji at this time

Since a 3D image can be displayed only with the special Viewer V1 accessory, we cannot illustrate the effect, but it certainly looks great to the eye, providing a convincing 3D effect.
Since a 3D image can be displayed only with the special Viewer V1 accessory we cannot illustrate the effect but it certainly looks great to the eye providing a convincing 3D effect

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