Tracking RSS In Google Analytics

By now you most likely know that Google Reader is shutting down.

While many people are changing to Feedly or other RSS readers, I thought it would be nice to share ways to track your website traffic from RSS feeds, easier than having to manually dig into your analytics.

So with that, please enjoy the video.

If you would like the RSS dashboard for your Google Analytics, log in and then click this link to save the dashboard to your account.

Thanks for reading and enjoy,

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  1. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this Scott! I love Google Analytics because it really helps measure my success but haven’t dove deep enough to find this! LOVE!

  2. Hi Scott, …I’m about a year behind with this so I’m wondering if something has changed that would explain why it is not working in my analytics. I used your link to install it and after a week it is not showing any data. Did Google change again and is there a new way to gather this information if they did?

    1. It still works but if your website does not have tracking code in the RSS URLs, like ?utm=rss then the dashboard report won’t have anything to analyze.

      1. Interesting – but ok. We are using WordPress so apparently that does not automatically have the RSS URLs. Can you recommend someplace to read more about installing that?

        1. Hi Paul,

          There are plugins that can add trackability to it, but many RSS readers like Feedly automatically add tracking to the URLs.

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